The following is a list of episodes appearing in the third season. Season three consists of twenty six episodes. The main plot of season three involves Batman challenging the global eco-terrorist, Rā's al Ghūl who is the leader of the League of Shadows. This season also introduces various superheroes such as Robin, Batgirl, Superman and many more.


List of Episodes
The New Kids in Town Part I
The New Kids in Town Part II
City of Shadows
The Great Flood
Bats in the Belfry
Trouble in Africa
The Darkest Knight
League of Assassins
The Outsiders
Inside the Outsiders
Fire & Ice
Time Warped Part I: Weird Western Tales
Time Warped Part II: Earth A.D.
Time Warped Part III: Beyond Time
Not Far From The Tree
Ancient History
Bane of the Demon
Deadly Reunions
Visitor From Earth 3
World's Finest Part I
World's Finest Part II

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