Riddle Me This? is the seventh spisode of season two and introduces the villain Riddler.

Include a scene at the end where Hugo Strange uses his machine on Mr. Freeze to learn about his past. 



Non Speaking CameosEdit

(Mentioned only)

Locations and ItemsEdit

  • Metropolis

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  • When Batman asks if the Puzzler has escaped from prison Alfred answers the he is still in a prison in Metropolis. This implies that Puzzler at one time fought Batman. This is also a reference to the villain of the same name from the comics. In DC Comics, Puzzler is a Superman villain. However, he was used in an episode of the 1966 Batman series where he was played by Maurice Evans. He was used in place of the Riddler because Frank Gorshin did not want to play the character any more. However, Gorshin did return to play Riddler in the series third and final season.


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Target: Bruce Wayne Dummy

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