Real Name Nora Fries
Age 33
Occupation Unknown
Base Gotham City
Height 5ft 6in
Weight 145lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Relatives Victor Fries


Affiliations None
Alias None
Species Human
Powers and abilities Pyrokinesis
Voiced by Colleen Wheeler
"What have you done!"


Nora Fries (née Fields) is the terminally ill wife of Victor Fries and after she was cured became an enemy of Batman called Lazara. She is voiced by Colleen Wheeler.

Season 1Edit


Nora Fries in her cryo-chamber

After Nora Fries became sick with MacGregor's Syndrome her husband, Victor Fries, placed her in a cryo-chamber to slow the progression of the disease. Victor's employeer, Ferris Boyle, attempted to shut down his experiment and during their struggel Victor Friese was exposed to chemicals that mutated him. Nora was later recovered by Lew Moxon and told Victor Friese that if he helped him Moxon would supply Victor with the equipment he needed to find a cure. After Mr. Freeze was arrested Moxon had Nora sent to Arkham Asylum so Mr. Freeze could try and find a cure.

Season 3Edit

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Powers and abilitiesEdit

Episode appearancesEdit

Season one

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