Gotham City
Vital statistics
Country America
State New Jersey
Founded 1635
Population 8,168,564
Dimensions 327 sq mi (Divided among six islands)
Gotham City (renamed Neo Gotham in the 2040's) is the home of Batman. The city is in the state of New Jersey.



A Norwegian mercenary founded Gotham in 1635 (which started out as a small colony) and the British later took it over. During the American Revolutionary War, Gotham City was the site of a major battle. In the 1800's modern day Gotham was built by the architct Cyrus Pinkey under orders from Bruce Wayne's great-great-great grandfather, Judge Solomon Wayne. However, a millennia before Gotham's founding an evil warlock was buried alive beneath what would one day become Gotham. It is believed that the warlock's evil magic seeped into Gotham's soil and that is why the city is one of the most crime infested cities in the world.

Local SuperheroesEdit

  • Batman / Bruce Wayne
  • Robin / Nightwing / Dick Grayson
  • Batgirl / Oracle / Barbara Gordon
  • Huntress / Helena Bertinelli
  • Black Canary / Dinah Lance
  • Robin / Jason Todd
  • Spoiler / Stephanie Brown 
  • Red Robin / Tim Drake
  • Batwoman / Kathy Kane
  • Batman / Terry McGinnis
  • Robin / Damian Wayne
  • Batwing / Lucas Fox
  • Batgirl / Cassandra Cain
  • Flamebird / Bette Kane
  • Orpheus / Gavin King
  • Green Lantern / Alan Scott
  • Ragman / Rory Regan
  • Joshua Wayne
  • Blue Bird / Harper Row
  • Simon Dark
  • Pagan / Marian Mercer
  • Black Bat / Samuel Braxton
  • Jonah Hex
  • Zatanna Zatara

Police Officers Edit

Citizens Edit

Politicians Edit

Hamilton Hill Mayor
Sebastian Hady Mayor
Bruce Wayne Mayor
Marion Grange Mayor
Daniel Dickerson Deputy Mayor
Arthur Reeves City Councilman
Harvey Dent District Attorney
Janice Porter District Attorney
Thomas Wayne District Attorney
Vernon Wells Assistant District Attorney

Prisons Edit

Court houses Edit

Neighborhoods Edit

Park Row Better known as Crime Alley
Hell's Crucible

Companies Edit

Local television programming, plays & radio showsEdit

Criminals Edit

Name Based in Gotham Out of town villians that have opperated in Gotham
Lew Moxon X
Joker X
Two-Face X
Penguin X
Mr. Freeze X
Firefly X
Solomon Grundy X
Scarecrow X
Harley Quinn X
Bane X X
Catwoman X
Mad Hatter X
Joe Chill X
Sal Maroni X
Black Mask X
Scarface & Ventriloquist X
Riddler X
Maxie Zeus X
Dr. Hugo Strange X
Man-Bat X
Deadshot X
Anarky X
Clayface X
Killer Croc X
Poison Ivy X
Copperhead X
Terrible Trio        (Shark, Fox, Vulture) X
Rā's al Ghūl X
Ubu X
Talia X
Deathstroke X
Hook X
Merlyn X
Lady Shiva X
Chronos X
Lex Luthor X
Metallo X
Bizarro X
Killer Moth X
Tony Zucco X
the Jokerz X
The Order of St. Dumas X
Desparo X
Starro X
Brainiac X
Ares X
Circe X
Mirror Master X
Ocean Master X
Sinestro X
White Martians X
Ma'alefa'ak X
Shadow Thief X
Count Vertigo X
Doctor Dome X
Doctor Light X
Hamilton Hill X
Arnold Flass X
Carmine Falcone X
Alberto Falcone X
the Mad Monk X
the Terror X
Sean Riley X
Bill Church X
Rupert Thorne X
Roland Daggett X
Philo Zeiss X
Peter Pauling X
Howard Branden X
Angelo Berretti X
Peter Grogan X
Clock King X
Hellhound X
Sebastian Hady X
D.A.V.E. X
Max Shreck X
Vernon Wells X
Bird X
Zombie X
Ferris Boyle X
Lazara X
Victor Zsasz X
Gillian B. Loeb X
Winston X
Jack Forbes X
William Kenzie X
Becky Mulcahey X
Clem Robins X
Jim Corrigan X
Nicky Lincoln X
Jordan Rich X
Roger DeCarlo X
Timothy Munroe X
Jason Woodrue X
Daniel Dickerson X
Sanjay X
Janice Porter X
Rhino & Mugsy X
Eddie Skeevers X
Hush X
Jay X
Raven X
Lark X
Skullface X
Tattoo X
Tupeng X


  • Three out of the six islands that make up Gotham City are named
  • Miagani Island
  • Bleake Island
  • Founders Island

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