The Gotham Broadcasting Company was a news station based in Gotham City. This is where Vicki Vale was employed.  


In the 1970's the Gotham Broadcasting Company was started by Scott Allan. The Gotham Boadcasting Company was owned by Bill Church. Church secretly worked for the crime lords Lew Moxon and Black Mask. He would often use his company to try and discredit Batman and Commissioner Gordon by using his reporter Vicki Vale. When Lonnie Machin learned of the level of corruption in Gotham City he placed bombs at the police department, city hall and the GBC building. However, Batman was able to disarm them. Later, Batman found evidence against Black Mask and his men and when they were arrested the GBC once more became a respectable news station.


  • The Gotham Broadcasting Company was started by the former Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Given the level of corruption in the GBC it is highly unlikley that he is still the owner. 

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